Sunday, 3 June 2018

Hope for CML patients in Abuja, Nigeria

Few days ago we signed an MoU with the International CML Foundation (iCMLf) for a grant to provide affordable BCR-ABL testing for CML patients in Abuja and its environs using the GeneXpert PCR technology. This will bring succor to many CML patients in the area who initially had to travel to OAUTH, Ile-Ife for diagnosis and monitoring of their condition. 

The grant also covers for a limited number of TKD mutation analysis through the Molecular pathology laboratory of Hammersmith Hospital, London. This will be for patients who are not responding well to Imatinib (GlivecR) therapy or suspected to have failed the treatment. In addition we shall be providing some transport assistance to very indigent patients to travel to the OAUTH, Ile-Ife to access the free Imatinib (GlivecR) provided through the GIPAP program of the Max Foundation. Logistics is being worked out to kick off this project in the next few weeks
The LCPI is also making effort to bring a free Glivec treatment center through the Max foundation to the Northern region of the country. These are part of our effort to mitigate the sufferings of blood cancer patients in Nigeria. The LCPI have over that one year been providing diagnostic and treatment support to blood cancer patients in Abuja and Nasarawa state, including transport assistance to CML patients traveling to Ile-Ife for free Imatinib treatment. We are very grateful to the iCMLf for the grant to enable us reach out to more patients

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

It takes place every year on 4th February. World cancer day aims to save millions of preventable death each year by raising awareness and education about cancer,And pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action against the disease cancer.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Did you know that leukaemia and other blood cancer has about 94%death rate in Nigeria,meaning that only one out of every Nigeria with leukemia and other lymphatic cancer survive,and if you or your loved one has leukemia,he/she can easily get caught by any infection[viral,bacteria,or other microorganism]and can easily bruised or bleed excessively?Did you know that disease today is curable and manageable,if dealt and treated on time?Help save someone's life today.

The Leukaemia Careplus Initiative (LCPI) Sincerely Congratulates our distinguished Board member, Prof. M.A Durosinmi on his appointment as the pioneering Vice Chancellor of Eko University of Medicine And Health Sciences Ijanikim, Lagos State Nigeria.
You have always been a great pioneer and making a good success of it, you pioneered Leukaemia Care In Nigeria through the GIPAP (Free Access to Imatinib) Program In Collaboration with the Max Foundation.
We at LCPI wish you good health and wisdom in your new calling and looking forward to another successful out come.
congratulation and god bless you.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Chairman's 2017 Report


Introduction: It is with joy I present to you this first report of the activities of the Leukaemia CarePlus Initiative. This organization was set up primarily to create awareness and to give support to any person living with blood cancer. This is captured in the vision of the organization, which is to create a community devoid of the fear of blood and lymphatic cancers, creating awareness with robust information dissemination, give care, social support and love to those affected and to source for all modalities of treatment easily accessible and at low-cost, including stem cell transplantation in fighting blood cancers to a standstill.   The aim is actually to demystify leukaemia and other lymphatic cancers and assist affected patients, live with dignity and grace.
As you all are aware, blood cancers like all cancers, has remained an enigma in our society with so much myth and misunderstanding associated with it even among healthcare workers. It is also a known fact that our country, Nigeria does not presently have any clear plan for patients living with leukaemia and other blood cancers.
The idea of setting up this organization was born in 2015, when still a resident doctor, I observed that most patients diagnosed of leukaemia and related cancers could not afford their treatment and had to abandon treatment due to lack of social support. This idea became intense in 2016, that I approached some of my colleagues and elders.  Some discouraged me, but you supported me and told me that it could be done. So, I initiated the process of its registration and give it legal status even though, I did not have the resources it required.

Establishment: The LCPI was finally registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a non-governmental organization in July 2016 with CAC registration number 89274. Back in FMC Keffi, that stack reality dawned on me after we diagnosed two children and an adult at different time, with leukaemia and all three left against medical advice. This forced me to open an office in July, 2017 and begin rendering some services. Today I am happy to inform you that enormous amount of resources have been put in and there are some visible achievements to report to you.
1.    Office: We have been able to open an office at LG Cornershops, Abubarkar Burga Road Keffi which was renovated and furnished to meet the demand of our services. This is an old shop which I had locked up for a long time. The setting up of the office have consumed the largest amount of our expenditures and contributed about 70% of the liabilities of the organization (see statement of Account), most of the vendors who supplied material for the renovation on personal recognition have not been paid. As at today, the rent for this year has not been paid, I am still negotiating with the landlord to write off the rent of this year due to the extensive renovation carried out.
2.    Bank Account: The organization has opened an account with Diamond Bank PLC, Keffii. Details: Leukaemia CarePlus Initiative, Acc. No 0093000106. The account presently have a balance of One hundred and forty two thousand (N142,679.50) from a N150, 000 loan advance. We are in the process of opening another account with GTBank .
3.    Staff: The organization is presently staffed with 1 full time (an Admin officer), 3 Adhoc /temporary and 1 volunteer (The project Manager) with the chairman as the Executive Director and the Treasurer/Director of Finance and Personnel acting as the governing body.
4.    Affiliations: We have been accepted as full members to collaborating NGOs; the Nigerian Network of NGOs (NNNGO) and stop TB Partnership. We have also been accepted as a member of but is yet to pay the affiliation fee. We also plan to affiliate and partner with international NGOs and funding agencies such as Leukaemia CAREUK, ASCO etc. The membership of these Networking NGOs is essential for visibility and collaborations which is essential in our work.
5.    Supports and Assistance: Our first client was a 7year old boy diagnosed of Acute Lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL L3 subtype) at the FMC Keffi. We managed to convince the parents not to take him away against medical advice and was able to assist with 3 cycles of chemotherapy and blood transfusion before patient was discharged home but he did not come back and on enquiry, we were informed by the father that he recently passed away in Maiduguri his home town. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.
We have also assisted two CML patients to run their BCR-ABL diagnostic test at NHA through some kits donated by Max Foundation
Our effort have also led the running a TKD mutation analysis test for another CML patient for free at the City of Hope cancer Centre, California unfortunately, we have also lost that patient.
6.    Grants:   We have successfully submitted 2 grant applications to the International CML Foundation (iCMLf) and the TY Danjuma foundation and we are looking forward to receiving the grants
7.    Awareness campaign: We planned to organize an awareness rally in Keffi town and a sensitization seminar for the healthcare workers in FMC Keffi in collaboration with the Department of Haematology, FMC Keffi. This was scheduled to hold on Wednesday, 27th September 2017 but had to be postponed due to the health workers strike action that is presently on doing. We hope to finalize arrangement for the program immediately the strike is called off.  We had also planned to told a CML patients forum in collaboration with the Department of Haematology, NHA as part of the 2017 World CML day celebration but this has be put on hold due to some extraneous factors. The official lunching of the Leukaemia CarePlus Initiative which was also planned to part of the program is also on hold.
8.    2018 Project: We plan to have our major project in Nasarawa state in 2018. The title of the project is titled “Increasing Awareness, support, care and free treatment of people particularly children living with blood and Lymphatic cancers in Nasarawa state (ASCAT-N)”. The project will train community health workers and laboratory technicians in the primary health centres to recognize early signs and symptoms of blood cancers and refer appropriately. We also hope to donate microscopes and WBC differential analysers to selected PHCs. The project is expected to be funded with grant from the TY Danjuma foundation.
We are also writing a proposal for a medical mission to my community in Imo state. This might take place in December or early next year
Finance: The financial situation of the organization is precarious and needs urgent attention; we presently have a liability of over seven hundred thousand naira. I, as the chairman and initiator of this organization have been shouldering the responsibilities of running the organization by myself without any funding or assistance from anybody and have spent over Eight hundred thousand naira on my personal money. I chose not to disturb anybody about money until now, the burden is getting heavier and I need help. This meeting should decide on how this board can assist the organization 1. In offsetting these liabilities, 2. Funding of future projects and patients support and 3. Logistics in running the organization.
Secretariat: The secretariat have been very busy and have been able to produce the grant proposals above and currently writing the proposal for the medical mission.
 We have produced an organizational policy document that highlights how we will accept donations and relationships with donors and grant providers. We have also designed application / agreement and assistant application forms for clients. We are thinking of starting work on a 5 year strategic plan with the approval from this board.
Conclusion: I remain grateful to God Almighty for the grace and enablement to carry on so far and for our modest achievements. We have actually surpassed my expectations and I thank you all for the encouragement and support.
I’m also grateful to our support staff, particularly to Mr Asogo, the volunteer project manager who has been the brain and engine behind our achievement so far. God brought him at the right time and he has been working for over two months now without pay

My vision for this Organization is to a giant national NGO that will be a major stakeholder in leukaemia and blood cancer care in Nigeria with arms in funding of research, training, advocacy, treatment and patient support to demystify blood cancers and give hope to affected patients.
Thank you
Dr. Ukoma, Chi-kadibia

Chairman/Executive Director

About LCPI

    Description: C:\Users\LCPI\Downloads\19875361_241756472979849_4485519364702374072_n.jpg
Leukaemia Careplus Initiative (LCPI)
Leukaemia careplus initiative (LCPI) is a charitable organization providing information and support to anybody affected by blood and lymphatic cancers. The office is located at suite 3 LG Cornershopes, Abubarkar-Burga road, keffi, Nasarawa state. The location gives it proximity to rural  areas of Nasarawa state ,it also makes it accessible to the poor rural dwellers that form the bulk of people who are vulnerable to effects of blood and lymphatic cancers.
The organization provides support and financial assistance to patients with blood and lymphatic cancer, it also embarks on creating awareness campaigns to provide information, raise funds for the care and management of the affected persons, source for stem cell transplant anywhere in the world for patients with blood and lymphatic cancers. LCPI works collaboratively with all stakeholders with interest in blood cancers.
We are in search of donors and sponsors that would enable growth and sustainability of the organization The organization works closely with key players in blood cancer field including federal ministry of health (FMoH), the medical professionals and the pharmaceutical industry enabling us to achieve information common goals and provide additional support that would otherwise not been possible. It provides opportunity to raise awareness of issues, increase asses to treatment and improves the lives of anyone affected by blood cancer.

What is Leukaemia
Leukemia is a type of blood cancer caused by the abnormal rapid formation of White Blood Cells (WBCs) in the blood that obstructs the formation of Red Blood Cells (RBCs) and platelets required for immunity in the body.
This means if you or your loved one has leukeamia, he/she can easily get caught by any infection (viral, bacterial, or other microorganism) and can even easily bruised or bleed excessively
Leukaemia has a 94% death rate in Nigeria, meaning that only one out of every 20 Nigerian with leukaemia and other lymphatic cancers survive. World Health Organization (WHO) reported that over 100,000 Nigerians are diagnosed with cancers annually and about 80,000 die from the disease which occurs in both adults and children. This cancer starts in blood forming cells found in the bone marrow. However, it is also a known fact that hematological cancers like leukaemia and lymphomas are poorly understood and shrouded in a lot of myth and believes even among health care professionals. It is for these reasons that LCPI was set up.
 Supporting people living with blood and lymphatic cancers
To demystify leukaemia and other blood and lymphatic cancers and assist affected patients live with dignity and grace.
Ø  To create a community devoid of fear of blood and lymphatic cancers, creating awareness with robust information, care, social support and love.
Ø  To seek for all modalities of treatment at low cost and easy accessibility of stem cell transplantation in fighting leukaemia and blood cancers to a standstill.
Ø  To collaborate with other stakeholders I searching for the cure of blood cancers including supporting research, training and education on blood cancers.
Ø  To reach out to all patients suffering from leukaemia blood and lymphatic cancers.
Ø  To raise funds for the care and management of persons affected.
Anyone can have leukemia – children, women, men, elderly, or young. There is actually no specific cause of leukemia but yes suspected causes given by researchers are:
·         Exposure to radiation and chemicals such as benzene and other hydrocarbon
·         Exposure to radiations
·         Genetic abnormalities, such as Down syndrome
·         Family history of leukemia
LCPI embarks on campaigns and outreaches to encourage people to do medical checkup at least 2 times in a year, visit a hematologist if frequent symptoms occur. We also organize a sensitization seminar for healthcare workers and create awareness about hematological cancers.
Leukaemia careplus initiative is a charitable organization funded by Dr. Ukoma Chi-kadibia and is registered in Nigeria with cooperate affairs commissioner (CAC) as a non-governmental organization. It funds it operation from free will donations. If you would like to support LCPI, contact us on the following; 
CONTACT: 08096359051, 08075714774, 09036883512
Facebook: Leukaemia Careplus Initiative
Twitter: @comlcpi


Cancer of all kind both solid and blood, has remained an enigma in our society with so much myth and misunderstanding associated with it, in addition to lack or inadequate diagnostic and treatment facilities in our country. So, it is always a thing of joy to witness the birth of another organization with the aim of creating more awareness and join in the war against cancer.
It is for this reason that the Leukaemia CarePlus Initiative was conceived in 2015 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a non-governmental organization in 2016 with CAC registration number 89274 with the aim to demystify leukaemia and other blood and lymphatic cancers and assist-affected patients, live with dignity and grace.
Our vision  is to create a community devoid of the fear of blood and lymphatic cancers, creating awareness with robust information dissemination, give care, social support and love to those affected and  to source for all modalities of treatment easily accessible and at low-cost, including stem cell transplantation in fighting blood cancers to a standstill.  
Blood and Lymphatic cancers, also known as Haematological Malignancies are cancers that affect the blood cells and the lymph system. The lymphatic system, are the network of organs and channels that run throughout the body that help the body to fight invasion by foreign bodies.
Blood cancers originate in the bone marrow and caused excessive and uncontrolled increase in a particular                                blood cell line such as the white blood cells (leukaemia) that help to fight infection. They include:
1.       Acute leukaemia – AML and ALL
2.       Chronic leukaemia – CML and CLL
3.       Myeloproliferative disorders
4.       Multiple myeloma
5.       Myelodysplatic syndromes etc
The Lymphatic cancers are the Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas. These are the solid haematological tumours that originate in the lymph nodes and begin to produce excess cells that grow out of proportion and then flow into the peripheral blood.
The blood and lymphatic cancers are the 4th most common cancers in Nigeria and affect both adult and children and people of all socio-economic strata.  Blood cancers generally are dreaded so much despite constituting about 7-8% of cancers; this is due to its high mortality rate. It is estimated that only about 1 in 20 blood cancer patients survive the disease. This very high mortality rate can be attributed to the late presentation of patients to the hospital due the non-specific nature of the clinical signs and symptoms.
The causes of blood cancers are still generally unclear but are known to arise due to damage to the genes of the immature stem cells of the bone marrow. These DNA damage can be caused by radiation energies (X-rays), exposure to petrochemicals (eg Benzen) and pesticides. Other causes include alkylating chemotherapeutic drugs, some viral infection and some congenital malformations.
The main signs and symptoms leukaemia and other blood cancers are due to the excessive accumulation of the abnormal cells and thereby supressing the production of other blood cells such as the red blood cells leading to severe anaemia which will present as generalized body weakness, exercise intolerance, difficulty with breathing and excessive sweating. There is also easy bruising and bleeding due to reduced production of platelets. The abnormal white blood cells are not able to defend the body against infections leading to recurrent fever, cough and sometimes diarrhoea. Some patients also present with bone pains and weight loss. This is why most patients would have been treated for malaria and typhoid fever repeatedly until it is too late. Those with lymphatic cancers (lymphoma) will generally have progressive swelling of the lymph nodes usually around the neck and other lymphoid organs.
Another reason for the high mortality rate apart from the low index of suspicion is the poor and inadequate diagnostic facilities and cancer treatment centres in the country. The diagnosis and treatment of cancers generally are highly capital intensive and treatment most times is continued for several months or years making it almost impossible for most patients to afford the treatment. Unfortunately, the national health insurance scheme (NHIS) covers less than 10% of the population and even the few that are covered cannot access cancer treatment through the NHIS. Diagnosis is through the examination of the patient’s blood and bone marrow. Molecular tests, which is the main stay of diagnosis is in most cases not available in Nigeria.
Treatment is by cycles of combinations of multiple cytotoxic drugs called chemotherapy and occasionally, radiotherapy for lymphatic cancers. In most instances, only one radiotherapy machine will be working in Nigeria serving about 170million people.  Leukaemia, particularly in children can be cured if discovered early and appropriate treatment regimen instituted and adhered to. Blood and blood product transfusion, invariably is an adjuvant to treatment and often time, given to support patients on chemotherapy. Stem cell transplantation is a treatment modality that attempts to replace the patient’s bone marrow with that of a compatible donor. This markedly increases the cure rate and improves the chances of survival, but unfortunately, this treatment modality is presently not available in Nigeria. It’s the vision of the Leukaemia CarePlus Initiative to work toward the setting up of a bone marrow transplant centre in Nigeria within the next five years but in the interim shall assist specific patients to access bone marrow transplant outside the country.
It’s believed that about 5 Nigerian die from leukaemia every day, and this calls for urgent steps to be taken to address this calamity. All men and women of good will should join hands with the government to fight blood cancers and indeed all cancers to a standstill and support those living with leukaemia and lymphatic cancers to survive with dignity and grace. Serious advocacy should be taken to the government and compel them to establish at least six functional cancer treatment centres in the 6 geo-political zones of the country. The government should expand the NHIS to make it more universal to alleviate the burdens of patients living with leukaemia and lymphatic cancers. We also invite the corporate bodies and companies to support Non-profit organizations who are doing selfless and thankless services in creating awareness about cancers and supporting people living with cancer.
Leukaemia CarePlus Initiative – “Demystifying blood csncer and assisting affected patients, live with dignity and grace”
Be a donor and volunteer today.

For further information, call: (+234)8096359051, 8075714774, 9036883512,, Twitter: @comlcpi

Hope for CML patients in Abuja, Nigeria

Few days ago we signed an MoU with the International CML Foundation (iCMLf) for a grant to provide affordable BCR-ABL testing for CML patie...